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How to deal with despondency

overcoming despondency

Despondency is state of well-being wherein an individual goes through a cycle of feeling discouraged, sad, faithless and lack of hope. There are many things that can trigger despondency in a person such as the death of a family member or friend, getting fired from a job, financial issues, etc. especially sickness.whatever the cause is, the reality is that the process is quite painful.

Everyone in some form or the other has been or has seen someone going through this process but, it is much more than what can be seen on the surface. It runs very deep eating away and paralyzing its host. There is not one person on earth who is immune to despondency, it doesn't care about an individual's educational background, or their financial status, or even the biological make-up. When it show up, it causes havoc and if not addressed properly it can destroy lives.

Imagine you losing a child suddenly, maybe through an accident, there is nothing that can prepare a person for such a shocking unforeseen event. Person's who goes through these ordeal needs love and support from families, friends and spiritual leader (Pastor).

One of the thing that each individual should be knowledgeable about when dealing with despondency is what causes it, and how should it be handled. So, it's in the best interest of each person to pay attention to the symptoms of despondency and work to address them. For example, one of the reasons why most persons struggled with the application of faith, courage, and hope in their lives circumstances is because the spiritual aspect of their lives needs strengthening. While if a person is always in pain, always moody, always have health issues etc. it's because their physical and emotional life needs attention. So in the aspect of human life which consist of body, soul, and spirit and if one is affected by some outer or inner stressful issues, it causes the others to go through the cycle of despondency.

Most of the time despondency can be overcome be applying faith, courage, self-discipline, hope, and self-motivation to one's life while some will require further assistance may be from a doctor, counselor, psychiatrist, pastor, families, and friends.

Here are some other alternatives that can be placed in one's lives to help to combat despondency

* Having a positive mindset- If you have a positive mindset believing that you can overcome anything that comes against you, it will make it possible to overcome everything that might have seems impossible.

* Take care of your health- Lots of issues that affect most individuals are caused by unhealthy eating habits coupled with inadequate sleeping and exercising, and if that lifestyle doesn't change it can lead to a future of uncertainty and disastrous health consequences.

* Having faith in God- Having faith in God is the greatest characteristics a person can ever attain especially in a period when it seems as if all odds are against them. At this moment prayer, fasting, trusting and believing that God can and will lead you safely through your circumstances can be a positive force to expel all negativities.

* Never lose hope- When a person loses hope one of the first ideas that alway comes to their mind is suicide intention, which if not renounced and address, it could materialize. Hope is the bridge that bridges the gap between your problem and you overcoming them, hope is the reason why a person wants to wake up in the morning, hope is the reason why a person wants to sleep at night, real hope is the reason why a person wants to live. Once hope is gone the spirit goes dead just awaiting the physical death the body. Try never to lose hope because all thing are possible once you believe.

* Try to attain a healthy financial lifestyle- It is very hard to remain positive and focus when your financial life is in disarray but, if you work hard and try to live within your mean and also get comfortable and satisfied with whatever you have. This will help you to live a life of peace and harmony.

 Never give into your struggles and problem I know they can destroy a person sense of reality but, if he/she works hard in addressing the situation and also adding faith, courage, self-discipline, hope and self-motivation to the equation, they can rebuild and strengthened their entire being. So, fight to excel beyond all odds and negative forces that might come against you. The sky's the limit, once you believe that you are an overcomer, you can and will overcome anything.

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